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Adhesive wing Bra

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Pull out all the stops this summer in darling party dresses in any style.Silicone bra gives you a look which is both free-spirited and elegant and offers a fit that flatters effortlessly.

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Please remove the protect paper films from the bra adhesive side carefully. Do not dispose the protect paper films and keep them for after use.

How To Use

  • Please make sure clean the area where the adhesive will come in contact with your body. *wipe off any trace of OIL, BODY LOTION, PERFUME, or perspiration so that the area is free of moisture before use. If not may cause the adhesive weakened (may fall off easily)
  • Stoop down the upper body an angel of approximately 45º and support the breast with one hand and insert to the bra cup with the other (placed first over the breast)
  • Once you are satisfied with bra position and angle, gently press the adhesive side to the body one and the other side. If the breast line you desire is not achieved you need to remove the adhesive side and start again. So please gently press the adhesive side at the first time wear.
  • Please gently press the other adhesive side same method as the above.
  • Using the mirror, please check cleavage may look natural and perfect balancing and positioning of the bra cup left and right. If it is not look good please corrected
  • If the breast line you desire is not achieved, remove the bra and start again. ‘please be aware that if you use several attempts for a satisfactory result, the bra adhesive side may weakened or may fall off easily because of any treces of moisture or perspiration of the body.
    *If adhesive strength has weakened after several attempts please be wipe away any traces of moisture or perspiration from the body and bra adhesive area and start again (See Special Instruction) After positioning the bra into your body hold the adhesive side with both hand and press into position by apply pressure.
    When you attached the bra’s wing side (adhesive side), for best results in achieving beautiful cleavage, we suggest placing the adhesive area on the little upper side on the body. After you have become accustomed to it will become  simple to wear. Once you finde the positioning that is best suited to your body, you can better reveal your unique and attractive breasts.


How To Removal

You need very carefully remove. If you remove quickly or impetantly may result show minor abnormal symptoms of your skin.(Skin can be red)

  1. Please gently remove one side and the other
  2. please remove slowly as possible.
  3. Recommend Removal Method:

Gentally remove bra adhevi side from the rear to front side slowly.

If any of the adhesive remains on the skin after removing the bra, gently wipe it away with the soft towel or cloth.


How To Wash

To hand wash the product inside out and wash the surface on the opposite side on the adhesive. We a small area and apply a neutral detergent. Rub the detergent into the cup until you get a good lather.

Rinse with likewarm water (Approximately 30 º C)


Cleansing Splash Use Instruction

To help the adhesive surface of the bra to stick to you properly, rinse the adhesive surface with cleansing Splash before use. This will prevent dust and fluff from sticking to the adhesive.

  1. While holding one of the bra adhesive side in the palm of your hand, let spray few times of Cleansing Splash.
  2. rub the adhesive surface in gentally with the fingertip.
  3. after rinsing the adhesive surface with cleansing splash, simply wash with water.


Caution: You can use the cleansing Splash for sever pollution only. in case of normal pollution, you can wash with soap or natural detergent.

Additional Information

URL Key secrets
Cost Rs1,999.00
Available Sizes A, B, C, D
Measurement No
Material Used Lycra
Available Color Black, Beige

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